Sunday, August 11, 2013

three things to know....


The Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival will have a table with cool free comics and more at the event taking place this Sunday, August 18th at Alderney Landing!

Here's a smattering of samples:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

So many comics and comic book artists!

a little collage of some of the comics, artwork and characters made by some of the artists who will be exhibiting at the second annual Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DCAF 2013 poster by Alex Gouin Fafard

Alex now lives in Montreal but he was a regular at Strange Adventures while he was in Halifax. Many days spent perusing the bookshelves and marvelling over Paul Pope, Moebius and more.

Alex volunteered to do a poster for the event and here it is!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

finalized exhibitor list - see you on Sunday, August 18th!

Not only are there going to be dozens and dozens of cartoonists and artists, but several publishers, comic book and game stores, toy dealers, Lemon Dogs with their fresh-squeezed thirst quenchers, Humani-T Cafe with great goodies (and much needed coffee!) and the amazing magician Mister J will be performing a show and making balloon creations!

~ comics, crafts and lots more ~

Here's who you'll see at DCAF 2013!

Conundrum Press:

Invisible Publishing:

Monster Mike & Strange Jay: Our Comix

Dave Howlett & Tuco Comics: Slam-a-rama

Joel Duggan:

Ben Jeddrie: Zyblonius

Scott Marshall: Time Wounds All Heels, ScottMComics

Troy Little:, Powerpuff Girls, Chiaroscuro, Angora Napkin

Brenda Hickey: My Little Pony,

CK Russell: Womanthology,

Holly Ellingwood:

Kate Leth: Kate or Die Comics, Luther Strode, Locke & Key, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors

Danie Stirling:

Faith Erin Hicks: Friends with Boys, Adventures of Superhero Girl, The War at Ellsmere, Bigfoot Boy

Tim Larade:

Noreen Rana:

Anthony Mah: - a comic anthology

Shannon Long: - a comic anthology

Jessica MacDonald:

Jeff Knott: illustrator and storyboard artist,

Derek Jessome: illustrator and storyboard artist,

Colleen MacIsaac:

Andre Myette:

jj steeves: Stray Kitties, painted skateboards,

Andre Richard:

Hal Hilden: Red Leaf Comics' MacSorly RCMP, DREAMLAND: 2047

Jill Fogarty:

Elise Vermeulen:

Michaela Pennie: Comics, bookmarks, postcards, prints

Rachael St. Jean: Comics, bookmarks, postcards, prints

Luke Howard: Luketoons, Centre for Cartoon Studies

Andre-Guy Landry: Brainslug Comics

Miriam Gibson:, Everyone's a centaur, Alternate Endings

Andrew Power: Aptitude Test,

Paul Hammond: Hey, you guys!, Yo Rodeo

Jessica O'Sillivan: Who Cares? zine volumes 1-5

Mike Jeffrey:

Jordy Jeppesen:

April M Baird:

Jordyn Bochon: Finnegan Strappe, Spera,

Tim Carpenter: The Other Gods, Book of Three Kings, Pendulum,

Nick Bradshaw: Wolverine & the X-men, Danger Girl, Army of Darkness

Danica Brine: Survivorland, Pandemic,

Meredith Gran: Octopus Pie, Adventure Time,

Mike Holmes: Mikenesses, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, True Story,

Molly McVickers:


Mark Oakley & Ibox Publishing: Stardrop, Thieves & Kings,

James White: Signalnoise (Hobo with a Shotgun, The Thing posters, Rocketeer covers)

Gisele Lagace:  Eerie Cuties, Penny and Aggie, Archie Comics: Occupy Riverdale

Dominic Marco: Grimm's Fairy Tales, Charmed,

Nathalie Julien:

Jen Desroche:

Emily Boyles:

Patrick Burgomaster: Evil Grin Comics,

Andy Cotnam:

Sandy Carruthers:

Ivy Jones:

Dave Conrad:

Darwyn Cooke: Richard Stark's Parker, Justice League: New Frontier, The Spirit

Steve McNiven: Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nemesis

Adonica Salter from the Centre for Arts and Technology ( will be showing animation software, demo reels of animated student work, 2D drawing, life drawings, and program information.

Any pop culture requirements as far as toys, comics, games and more should be more than satisfied by the good folks from Quantum Frontier Games & Comics, Giant Robot Comics, Big Pfeiffer Collectibles, Bedlamcats,  Louise Fraser's Sci-fi Toys and Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities!

Nifty shirts from Dartmouth Clothing Company and Nerd Rage!

Representatives from the East Coast Comic Expo and Hal-Con will be set up as well to fill you in on the latest for each of their upcoming conventions!

~ whew! ~

a few promotional images for DCAF 2013

pass them around if you can or care to!